I'm having an unexpectedly emotional reaction to playing Beat Saber. It's an amazing game in its own right, but it took me a while to figure out why it's affected me in such a positive way.

I used to play percussion instruments professionally and have had to slow way down at a pretty young age (41) due to arthritis. This game makes me feel like I'm performing again without the traumatic impact to my hands. I've had moments playing that game where I almost broke down crying.

There are no words to properly describe how amazing Beat Saber is. I think this game could convert most of the VR skeptics if they’d just try it out.

11” iPad Pro is by far the best computer I’ve ever owned. It continues to impress me daily.

@chartier Got tired of the Smart Keyboard Folio being a fingerprint/grime magnet so I added an iStyle skin to both sides as well as a “logo”. Whaddaya think?

i hope everyone enters the new year happy! 2018 was long n hard, but lets make 2019 wonderful!!

this might come as a shock, but google, a company whose primary revenue source is advertising, might be collecting your data

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Four different times this year I’ve played PS4/VR games and afterwards said, “I think that’s the best game I’ve ever played.”

God of War
Red Dead Redemption 2
Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
Beat Saber

2018 was a good year to be a gamer.

For Christmas I wish the fediverse to grow, and Facebook to die

Finally rolled credits on Red Dead Redemption 2, and I’m speechless. What a masterfully created game. It will be a long time before another one like this comes along.

Now that the discourse around #Facebook begins to implicitly accept that it's declining or collapsing, it's become a sure thing. To help accelerate the decline, remind your friends and family of the services that Facebook owns that they should avoid along with the social network: #Instagram, #Whatsapp.
Remind them that #Google are just a more powerful Facebook.
Before they migrate to a new silo, and a new master.. let them know something new is growing over here on the Fediverse.

I would pay an obscene amount of money for an iPad version of The Orange Box with MFi support.


For the first time in a long time, I’m excited for the work week to start.

I’m a project manager and I got majorly on top of my shit this week at work after drowning in over 100 projects for the last few months straight. The rest of this year and well into January should be smooth sailing, and DAMN that feels good.

Never thought I’d say this, but I’m now a big fan of root canals. I have had horrible tooth pain for a few days and was just trying to get through until today’s appointment using Orajel and Ibuprofen. I still have a couple more appointments to get through before my tooth is fully restored, but at least now I don’t feel like I have a toothache, sinus infection and earache all at the same time. I am very thankful for endodontists today.

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[Notice Regarding the Transfer of the mstdn.jp / mastodon.cloud Services] We have received several inquiries showing interest in a transfer following the announcement of the end of the mstdn.jp and mastodon.cloud services. As a result of subsequently evaluating the situation and making preparations, we have decided that the corresponding services will be transferred to a company in the United States on June 30. We will make an announcement regarding the name of the company that the services will be transferred to once preparations have been made. Thank you.