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So why are there asterisks on some profiles? I don't see those on this user, so I'm wondering if it's only for new users (like and I'm not finding an answer to this question on any web searches.

I'm only going to get 3 hours of sleep tonight thanks to fighting with getting an instance up and running. Alas, I did it!

So... I think I found the issue of my instance not working. Too bad I wiped out everything to start over. Sigh.

Why does it seem like most of the packages I need for are not able to be located on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? I think I should just wipe my VPS and start a new.

Okay, so if I can manage to get an instance to run on my VPS, what domain should I use?

So I'm paying for an Adobe subscription for Illustrator, and I haven't touched the program in a couple of months...

Google has an app for damn near everything, but they don't have an app (or even a mobile site) for their domains service. Ugh.

needs a way to either auto-translate toots, or allow users to mute specific languages. Not that I don't want to be inclusive, but at the rate Japanese toot, and the fact that I can't possibly translate every toot I see in order to engage, this seems like a reasonable thing to want.

Is it official now; has the federated timeline become too busy to watch? Holy shit, Japan.

I keep going back and forth on whether or not to create my own instance.

On the plus side, I can sell and starting tomorrow, I think.

So I've rewatched Burn Notice recently. I yelled at the TV every time someone called a magazine a "clip". These are supposed weapons experts, and they can't even get the terminology right?!

I miss the smell of spent gunpowder. I need a range day soon.

Time to go admire the eye candy while hopefully providing the same.

I'll pay money to whoever invents a coffee IV.

A popular whisper from yesterday got me to thinking...

It may take me a minute to wrap my mind around it to get over it because of the stigmas society has instilled in me, but I could see myself dating a post-op MtF. Post-op being important because, well, I don't want matching genitals... for reasons I think are obvious.

Am I being closed-minded with post-op being necessary? If so, explain why. I'm genuinely curious if anyone else has an opinion on this.

Auto-correct and the inability to edit toots make for an annoying duo.

My body feels somewhat normal today. Good. I should be able to lift tomorrow.

I'm bringing (my) sexy (self) back.

As much as I didn't care for the Obama administration, at least, they didn't​ act like an episode of Jackass.

"I'm Sean Spicer, and I'm going to make a reference to Hitler on national television!"

Someone was knocking on my door/window, but I have absolutely no clue who. I hate that.

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