🚨 Quick reminder for those still following me here: I moved my account over to Toot.cafe, so I’m:

toot.cafe/@chartier or @chartier

now (NOT at mastodon.cloud anymore).

Please follow me there!

🚨Reminder for y’all still following me at mastodon.cloud/chartier, I moved to toot.cafe/chartier. You should be able to tap this: @chartier and follow me for stuff about and .

As always, thanks for reading.

🚨 Quick reminder for those still following me here: I moved my account over to Toot.cafe, so I’m toot.cafe/@chartier now. Please follow me there!

🚨 Quick reminder for those still following me here: I moved my account over to Toot.cafe, so I’m @chartier now. Please follow me there!

@andrewabernathy It sounds like you’ve had some power complications lately. How many iPads are you trying to charge these days?!

🚨 Reminder: I moved my Mastodon account to toot.cafe/@chartier. Please follow me over there. 🚨

Ok I decided to rip the bandaid off and make it official: I'm switching instances from .cloud to Toot.cafe. So I'm here now, and I'd super extra love if you followed me there:


I like posting about tech and Apple stuff that might actually be helpful in your daily life, video games, art, inclusion, and occasionally social issues and bourbon. And my dog.


@chrisWhite They announced that's going away in early 2019; you can eventually use any damn email you want.

I'm thinking about switching instances from here to @chartier I wish the devs had solved the 'keep your followers when you switch' problem, but the longer I wait the harder it will be to rip off the bandaid.

I already have the account there, yes it's me. I just haven't put up the curtains and all that.

@curtismchale I’m happy to see a decent company buy it away from Verizon/Oath and start rebuilding. I’m close to going Pro, I like Flickr and have started sharing photos there again. I believe in you.

Flickr changes its free tier to 1,000 photos, adds more perks to Flickr Pro, offers 30% discount if you upgrade by Nov 30: 9to5mac.com/2018/11/01/flickr-

It's worth noting that SmugMug bought Flickr a few months back. It is no longer owned by the mess that is Yahoo/Verizon/Oath.

@camh Removing the headphone jack can save weight, which is important to many users including my wife’s parents. I think it also helps with water resistance. It also makes room for larger batteries, and I think it’s safe to say that’s important to a *lot* of people.

Those things might not be important to you. But I don’t think I can agree that these are wasted enhancements.

@camh But the headphones come with an adaptor for headphone jacks right? Transitions are tough and not always handled well, but it seemed to work fine when I tried it.

I also don’t think it’s just about AirPods. Any wireless headphones are a better experience, and these devices work with all of them.

This strikes me as similar to previous transition periods, like the rise of USB replacing port predecessors, dropping the floppy drive, and eventually dropping the disc drive.

The iOS app for What a Great Link! is now in public beta! If you want to spend more time with the people you love to be with, check it out (and let me know what you think): whatagreat.link

Trackers that detect when you uninstall apps are an abuse of technology, allowing advertisers to push ads to former users.

"Critics say they’re a fresh reason to reassess online privacy rights & limit what companies can do with user data," says @GerritD. bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

@JPEG Gave Mast a shot in portrait too. The Home column feels almost unusably squished, and Federated gets too much space on the right. I don’t mind a second column in portrait, it can be useful. But I think this could use some rebalancing.

@Berserkhippo Not really, this is just the account I signed up with forever ago and I've been skittish on moving because of the broken followers thing.

But there are a few ways to find instances that cater to different interests.

Check the Sign Up section of the Masto landing page; it has some interest-based instances to check out. joinmastodon.org

Also check out this Instances directory: instances.social

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