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I thoroughly appreciate that when Apple news sites cover Apple’s comments on something about the orange gremlin, they use this photo of Cook. It’s just perfect.

One month after Apple, permanently bans InfoWars and Alex Jones

Ok but who is the person behind Jack "James Bond Villain" Dorsey and WHY IS HE WEARING GOOGLE GLASS??

One of the best little features coming in 12 and : the OS can grab auth and verification codes sent via text and automatically insert them into Safari.

Not a whiz-bang wow feature, but it removes one of those little bits of annoying friction.

I thoroughly appreciated flexible repeat task options in Things 3.

For example: I need to give Oscar heartworm medication once a month (typical dog stuff). But every now and then I’m a couple days late. Once we were a week late cuz we were out of it.

But with the way I set up this task, Things repeats it a month after *each time I complete it,* not on an static date. Pretty sweet.

“Over all, 76 percent of the companies that went public last year were unprofitable on a per-share basis in the year leading up to their initial offerings, according to data compiled by Jay Ritter, a professor at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business. That was the largest number since the peak of the dot-com boom in 2000, when 81 percent of newly public companies were unprofitable.”

The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now

One of my favorite features/tips: my normal face is Modular, with lots of complications for things like the day’s tasks, weather, notes, etc.

But on days off, I often like to switch my Watch face to something relaxing like the Photos face, with my Favorites album synced. I really enjoy seeing a random favorite photo every time I raise my wrist.

Sub-tip: you can quickly switch Watch faces by swiping from the left or right edge.

I am both a fan and critic of . But in a time when concerns and discussion of our is probably at an all-time high, this seems quite tone-deaf.

And before folks recommend 3rd party apps: yes, I usually use Apollo. But I also sometimes like to check on what Reddit is doing with its own.

Jessi and I are trying to do our part:

- gradually switching bulbs
- we recycle some, could surely do better
- washing cold for years
- we don’t use bitcoin
- once we move in/near the loop I hope we can go car-free (might be tough with pets and non-local family)
- we both eat more plants, less red meat these days (but not zero)
- I can rarely afford trans-Atlantic flights
- we don’t and won’t have any kids

Ok Mastodon. I know you have a healthy cat community but I’m bringing some puppy love.

Behold: Maddy (second, RIP) and Oscar (first).

Huh, this is a new one on me. Any fans around? Is it normal for the company’s website store to just break like this and not be able to sell stuff?

Fortunately, I’m kinda glad it was down when I went to buy. Reminded me that I want to buy more games as physical. Partly because I’m running out of SD card space, but also because I like the trade-in potential.

I have a feeling Victor Vran’s replay-ability has diminishing returns.

I’m buying Victor Vran for with @danvpeterson. It drops tomorrow and should scratch the Diablo itch until it, too, arrives.

Anyone else getting either game?


I can't pull anything over on @danvpeterson!

(Context: we went to yesterday and bought, among other things, some fancy chocolate.

We then went to a nearby German restaurant where he informed us he is not a fan of sauerkraut.

He forgot his half of the chocolate at our house and came to get it a little while ago today. So I embraced my inner Super Villain and tried to poison him.

Or did I?)

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