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I really enjoy interviewing non-tech/nerdy folks about their gadgets. I’ve found it to be a great way to step out of my industry bubble.

Watch Anecdotes: People from the IL DMV and emissions offices

Anyone else disappointed and now annoyed that this color option in ’s built-in markup tools doesn’t actually turn your arrows, scribbles, and outline objects into actual rainbow colors?

A tip with this collection, since it's powered by to see the tags, click the tag icon in the upper left, just above the first link in the collection.

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can be such a magical place sometimes.

Also hi can’t sleep.

Is now a good time to once again milk this flowchart I made about which games belong on the Switch?

Hello Apple I would like to file a bug report this search is inaccurate.

I finally ran into 's don't-call-it-a-fail-whale.

Does this have an official name? Or is it a... Angry Mammut? 😅

‪I know this might get me banned from some countries and local bars but as a complete body of work, One Hot Minute is my favorite Peppers album.‬

Soooo for iOS has this option to automatically change your avatar to a bunch of animated options. If it worked, my avatar should be zooming in and out. Clever.

Find it above the text box when you’re drafting a post.

Sometimes I enjoy simple reminders on the walls of Chicago’s Harold Washington library.

Recently, the handling of online defamation has become a hot topic on many mass media as well as social media channels. News Article for Reference: In response to these reports, it is expected that lawsuits and disclosure requests will become more publicly known; and government agencies will order stricter enforcement in addition to tightening regulations. However, under the current state of Japan, we will not be able to handle the increase of such administrative burdens and will have trouble dealing with it appropriately. Thus, we have decided to stop providing our service on and starting June 30, 2020. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding on the matter.