@JPEG Gave Mast a shot in portrait too. The Home column feels almost unusably squished, and Federated gets too much space on the right. I don’t mind a second column in portrait, it can be useful. But I think this could use some rebalancing.

Also, if you don't use text shortcuts on iOS or macOS yet, you're missing out. They can be super useful for a zillion different things.

See my screenshots. I'm sure I'm barely scratching the surface.

One of my favorites:

**beautiful = youtube.com/watch?v=ibZK72PJyw

It's a great video about telling people they're beautiful.

I also have **flip to expand

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Because that is useful.

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Wow, Mast is a *good* iOS app for Mastodon. It looks great, has plenty of configurability, and supports all the native features I can think of.



I use a small USB-C dongle as a Dock replacement for my Switch.


No, it hasn’t fried my Switch, and it’s tested with 6.0 firmware. But it also won’t output through HDMI without Nintendo’s power adapter (it won’t work with my Apple USB-C power, IDK).

Works like a charm for portable partying on TV though. Tons of fun.

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I’m working with the Bear (notes app) team in Dublin for the week!

We opened our first office in Talent Garden Dublin, a coworking space that just launched a branch here yesterday. 🐻💪🏻🤩 mastodon.cloud/media/wFtF7UIyN

Delete your entire website and everything you have ever done and ever atom you have ever touched in existence. mastodon.cloud/media/shRnodo7_

Jessi pulled out all the yellow and blue M&Ms to make some themed cookies. But now it just feels like I’m eating the survivors. mastodon.cloud/media/G-aK4vsAj

I wonder if these edition-specific Watch faces that Apple creates with Nike, Hermes, etc. are partly why third-party faces haven't happened yet. 😔

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