Hi we’re Sony and we have a 9 gigaquad supercomputer PS4 that can calculate the universe in a nanosecond but it’s gonna go ahead and take six years to “copy” or install or whatever a 149 MB Destiny 2 update that should’ve automatically downloaded and installed itself earlier today so you shouldn’t even have to look at this update screen and no we don’t think anything is wrong with the broken promise that is our user experience why would you even ask that

@millenomi Yeah isn’t the OS crazy small, like < 300KB or something?

Granted, it does a lot less. The one big thing, IMO, being a lack of native party chat with friends.

But still. A pinnacle of simplicity.

@chartier I don’t know why there is even a setting for automatic downloads/updates on the PS4. I love the system, but that feature simply doesn’t work at all. Very frustrating.

@chartier I've been trying to figure out technically what is happening in PlayStation OS that causes things like this. All I've found out is that it's related to something the "rebuild database" function does in the startup options. And that function I've found out very little about technically.

@cocoasamurai Weird. Some other folks say they’ve heard it’s a process to check the existing game’s integrity or to see if any unofficial patches or hacks have been installed. But if it’s either of these things, does that really take ~ 10 minutes?

@chartier not sure, I've never checksum'd 50+ GB files before. IIRC every game has its own partition and it could be related to that. The rebuild database is supposed to fix this, but all I can tell that is doing is resetting some system app states and fsck type stuff. I've been trying to figure out how PlayStation 4 OS works technically, but haven't found out much

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