Unpopular opinion? I wish Nintendo Online was just required to play any games online.

AFAIK, that's how XBL and PSN work, and it takes all the guesswork out of which games you can play with who and how, etc.

Of course, I'm also eager for fixes to all of NO's other problems: an actual party system, voice chat (some games built it themselves, so it works), ACTUAL freaking gamertags, etc. I wouldn't even mind if the price needs to go up to support all that.

@ianbetteridge I need to give it a thorough shot yet, haven’t given it a real runthrough.

@chartier It's good, the controller makes it easier to play and it's a little simplified (less heroes, for one thing)

@ianbetteridge Less?? I thought they released a new one like every two weeks.

@chartier I just want to be able to preorder Civ VI. I don’t know why I feel the need to do so, but am I even looking forward to a game if I don’t have it preordered?

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