Rumors of a possible new iPad mini 5 at Apple's event next week make me happy. It's a great little device and I hope it doesn't disappear.

@chartier The device of choice for my wife and my kids. They love the size.

@chartier It's the only size iPad I want, but there’s no way I’d buy a mini 4.

@chartier I wonder what it will cost with a $299 iPad 6 occupying the low-end.

@chartier I'm inclined to think the iPad mini is something that would appear early next year.

@bgeerdes @chartier Seems like it would be a mistake not having it in place for the Christmas buying season, but you could be right.

@chartier I still have a first gen iPad Mini. I believe it's the perfect form factor. Excellent for reading, which is what I use it for.

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