Pro: I'm a Clever Boy™ and set up an iOS/macOS text shortcut for: "wya" to trigger "where you at."

Con: Sometimes when I start typing too fast I often misspell way as wya. Sigh.

Also, if you don't use text shortcuts on iOS or macOS yet, you're missing out. They can be super useful for a zillion different things.

See my screenshots. I'm sure I'm barely scratching the surface.

One of my favorites:

**beautiful =

It's a great video about telling people they're beautiful.

I also have **flip to expand

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Because that is useful.

To create your text shortcuts:

iOS - go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

macOS - go to  menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Text.


@chartier Nice set! I only have ;shrug and ;flip set up on my system (got the semicolon idea from Gruber or something, made sense since every real use of ; is followed by a space, no collision with Markdown)

@chartier What I do like about it is how the text replacement flows from iOS to macOS & vice versa: set up one in iOS & it’sreplicated in macOS.
I also recall in a few earlier versions of iOS, might have been 8 or 9, that these shortcuts wouls sometimes vanish comletely from iOS & fudging of iCloud preferences was all that could restore them.

@peemee Yeah, IIRC Gruber asked a few little birdies about it. Apparently a few random iCloud services (including text shortcuts) were stuck on the old sync architecture way longer than they should have been.

I guess Apple brought it all over to CloudKit, the current system, a little while ago, and it seems to have been a big improvement.

@chartier It was only when I read through this that it occurred to me how silly it is that these are under Keyboard, Text on macOS instead of Keyboard, Shortcuts.

I get that there's change for change's sake, but sometimes it feels like everything needs to be re-thought and paved over.

@tewha Yeah, I wish Apple would do more to synchronize how it organizes and names its OS features between System Preferences and Settings.

I don't have much of a preference for either. Although with iOS's crazy popularity, one could argue it would make to sense to bring those names and organization to the Mac.

But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm indifferent.

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