Wow, Mast is a *good* iOS app for Mastodon. It looks great, has plenty of configurability, and supports all the native features I can think of.


@chartier oh yeah I’m really liking this so far. Couple of things I wish it had but so far a vast improvement.

@chartier I wish it had reply/boost buttons on the timeline rather than having to click through. Also a DM view would be handy.

But other than that, good stuff.

@chartier oh wait I just figured out the first one. Sneaky!

@clutterandkindle @chartier Discoverability needs some work—took me some time to accidentally find the swipe right buttons.

@clutterandkindle Good call on the DM thing. Glad you found the gesture. Yeah it’s a pretty darn solid and well designed app so far. I’m impressed.

@chartier Yep—it took me all of one minute to replace Tootdon with Mast.

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