Odd detail I just noticed:

- go into Settings > your profile > iCloud
- scroll through "Apps Using iCloud"
- Shortcuts used to be Workflow, a third party app Apple bought
- But Shortcuts is listed among other third-party apps, not Apple's apps at the top

@chartier For some time after installing iOS 12, searching for "Shortcuts" in Spotlight showed the Workflow app name+icon in results (but still opened Shortcuts, of course)…

@joel That’s odd, because the Shortcuts app was supposed to replace Workflow entirely. Did you do something to keep it around?

@chartier No. I guess the spotlight search index was just slow to update some metadata — tapping "Workflow" in search results still opened Shortcuts.

It just reminded me of the whole ”ah yes, this is actually the old Workflow app, reimagined” situation…

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