I have friends, peers, and readers on bird site who are like “please come back!”

Fine, I check in again. And it’s still nothing but a waking nightmare of people yelling about politics and daily horrors.

I’m not trying to avoid or deny current events or the awful problems and legacy of my country. I’m trying to get active and do my part.

But I also can’t eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff every second of the day. It’s debilitating.

@chartier why not have them get on masto instead of them getting you on twitter?

@chartier I tried making a shortcut straight to Moments to skip the horrific feed, and it still wasn’t enough.

@millenomi Wait, Twitter actually supports a system feature like Siri Shortcuts?!

@chartier this isn’t a problem on Mastodon yet but it could easily be a problem here too if it ever becomes as big or as diverse as the bird site.

Content flags could help but they are set by the person that toots so it may not work in all cases.

@ameya1 @chartier

Actually we don't know. Also should be considered that Twitter promotes (aka pushes on your timeline) buzz threads so that anyone can see them and keep the interaction growing in that direction. Now think what normally gets more replies and (bot-)retweets. It's all about hacking people's emotions, usually anger.

@chartier you’re not missing much. My friends mom @ me yesterday on a tweet. That’s when I knew it’s time to consider diversifying my time spent on social media

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