Apple Watch Series 4 anecdote: I have the $$ to buy one now, but many configs are sold out EVERYWHERE around Chicago.

Apple Store app says none available, ship estimate is a month from now.

Macy’s says none available within **100 miles**. Best Buy says it can arrive by this Fri, but I’m kinda skeptical.

I called my Apple Business account rep, and *they* can’t even order one for in-store pickup. “This is kind of unprecedented. They’re harder to get than the phone right now.”


@chartier I didn't stay up for it, but ordered mine first thing in the morning on launch day. It won't arrive until Monday.

@bigzaphod Wow. It kinda feels like something is different this year. The reviews seem wholly positive, but some of them are like “this, THIS is the one. Apple finally got it right.” 🤔

I took a chance on Best Buy. I’m skeptical it’ll be here Friday, but other people said they’ve had good experience in similar situations. We’ll see.

@chartier @bigzaphod wow, just checked Kansas City and it looks like we're all out here too.

I think Air Pods did that for awhile but obviously way cheaper than the watch.

@chartier @bigzaphod Apple has finally gotten it right for the last three models too though.

@schwa @chartier @bigzaphod yeah, I have to agree. From what I have seen, this is the one to have. I got a series 3 at this time last year and when I saw the series 4, I had to order it. Unlike Sean, I waited and now October 19th is the day it is supposed to be here.

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