One month after Apple, permanently bans InfoWars and Alex Jones

Ok but who is the person behind Jack "James Bond Villain" Dorsey and WHY IS HE WEARING GOOGLE GLASS??

@chartier this is such a bizarre picture. What about the Casio calculator watch in the lower right corner?

@yonomitt Hah! I didn't even notice that. It's like the longer we look at this, the more I start to forget what decade it is.

@yonomitt Also is that... a MagSafe cable plugged into the side of Alex Jones' head? Or USB-A?

@chartier I was wondering the same thing. 🤔 The mystery deepens...

@chartier @yonomitt Got to be USB. Magnets don’t stick to bone, no matter how thick, or aluminum.

@chartier I’ve seen Google Glass Guy described as “a congressional staffer” but that doesn’t really clear anything up

@jessicadennis @chartier Is it two facile to just assume anyone wearing Google glass in government is being… well, let’s use the term “sponsored?”

@jessicadennis @chartier Keep in mind all typos are the fault of my kitty walking across the keyboard. :-)

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