One of the best little features coming in 12 and : the OS can grab auth and verification codes sent via text and automatically insert them into Safari.

Not a whiz-bang wow feature, but it removes one of those little bits of annoying friction.

@cliophate Are you on either beta? I tried looking around and can't find a setting for this, it sorta just started working for me.

If you're on Mac, I think one key might be that you have to have SMS relay to your Mac set up. That's the only way it can also receive these messages to scrape the code.

@chartier I am. I enabled SMS relay now after reading your Toot. It didn't work a few betas ago, the pop-up never appeared on my Mac but did now. Let's see next time I get a 2FA.

@chartier I just used this yesterday for the first time. I think it’s pretty whiz bang.

@chartier SMS 2F is the worst but this helps when it’s the only option... 1Password when I can for everything.

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