I thoroughly appreciated flexible repeat task options in Things 3.

For example: I need to give Oscar heartworm medication once a month (typical dog stuff). But every now and then I’m a couple days late. Once we were a week late cuz we were out of it.

But with the way I set up this task, Things repeats it a month after *each time I complete it,* not on an static date. Pretty sweet.


@chartier *googles this*
*finds out it's not on android*
*is sad*

@reedbeta @chartier afaik the only other app that does this is 2Do which is also on Android, not as good as Things but a very customizable app.

@chartier I do the exact same thing with Things for my animals heart worm meds as well as tick/flea preventative. Very handy.

@chartier OmniFocus is the same, so glad I finally moved on from Wunderlist. I’m still sad that MS hasn’t worked harder on their todo list app.

I also miss Sunrise, and Outlook is _not_ a replacement.

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