Good morning. Yesterday I wrote a post that tries to distill a variety of reasons to give a try.

It’s written for a general, non-technical audience in mind. I’d love to hear any feedback you have.

@chartier Great post 👍🏻 everybody on the Mastodon trail should post something alike to reach their closest friends.

@chartier Nice! This is very well written and gives a great overview of Mastodon.

I now only send a weekly tweet to my old Twitter followers with my Mastodon address and every now and then articles like this to get my followers to give this a try. 😁

@chartier I enjoyed the article. Thanks for the write up on Mastodon. One thing though, you write:

“But users can simply move their accounts and content to another instance.”

Which, from all that I have found, is only partially true. Follows, mutes and blocks can be exported and moved to another instance. Statuses/toots/content cannot.

Pretty good overview. To add to it, maybe you could talk about some of the difficulties a new user might encounter, and then provide solutions for those difficulties.

@zcampau Oh that’s a great idea for a follow-up post. Thanks!

@chartier I've tried, and failed, several times to explain Masto to my non-tech friends and family. This might help.

@heurism The ‘it’s like email’ analogy has helped a bit.

“You’re at Yahoo, some are at Gmail, I’m at my own custom domains. They all work generally the same but some have different rules for things like attachment size or how many people you can send to at once. But we can still all talk to each other.”

@chartier Nice write-up on Mastodon. I think someone else mentioned this, but just to highlight it: you talk about moving content (posts) to a new instance. I don't think that's possible. When you switch instances you start over without any posts.

@manton Huh. According to the Data Export screen in settings, it looks like toots and media can be exported and moved. But it’s your *followers* that will break; they’ll need to manually re-follow at the new instance.

@chartier The problem isn't the export. It's that you can't _import_ the posts after you have an archive. (Let me know if I'm wrong.)

@manton @chartier I don't see an import for posts. Just following, muting, and blocking lists

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