“Over all, 76 percent of the companies that went public last year were unprofitable on a per-share basis in the year leading up to their initial offerings, according to data compiled by Jay Ritter, a professor at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business. That was the largest number since the peak of the dot-com boom in 2000, when 81 percent of newly public companies were unprofitable.”

The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now


I want a world where “lifestyle business” isn’t an insult...

@sirshannon You know, it isn't in many circles. I don't have a strong idea of where it *is* an insult, but... acceptance is out there. Lots of folks run lifestyle businesses now and people love 'em.

@chartier I’ve only heard it as an insult because the people I know that want a good, sustainable, profitable business don’t really call it anything other than “good business.”

People who want massive growth, zero profits, VC funding to keep the business growing until monetizing begins, they are the ones that I’ve heard use the phrase, always with disdain or at least a sense of not wanting to be part of that type of business.

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