@chartier I dunno, I’d argue that it’s the credit card companies that you should be getting angry at. Google’s going to collect and utilize data however it can, and that’s a known risk of using them. I don’t think anyone envisioned credit card companies selling your transaction data to third parties though.

@wickedgood I disagree with the practices of both parties in this specific case. But Google's practice of unmitigated data collection is at the heart of what I'm angry about.

I don't believe "Google's going to collect and utilize data however it can" should get a pass. I think it should be illegal, or at the least have _*heavy*_ restrictions and regulations.

@chartier I guess I should have said "angrier" rather than "angry". I expect this kind of thing from Google and can adjust my behavior accordingly, but you can't necessarily expect that from credit card companies nor can you avoid using them as effectively.

@wickedgood Hrm, that’s a good point. It’s not like we can switch to cash for online purchases.

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