I am both a fan and critic of . But in a time when concerns and discussion of our is probably at an all-time high, this seems quite tone-deaf.

And before folks recommend 3rd party apps: yes, I usually use Apollo. But I also sometimes like to check on what Reddit is doing with its own.

@chartier It is opt-in rather than opt-out. For that reason alone I'd say it isnt tone deaf but rather is acting responsibly towards those concerns.

@freemo Hrm. Fair point. You're right, the app doesn't prompt with a modal pop-up that must be answered. It's just a value proposition and we can take or leave it.

@chartier seems alright to me... just asks if you want to enable... many sites starting to do that.

I think the goal is LOCAL... to somehow surface items matching your locale. It's a good goal, still depends on how closely it matches MY interests.

@GluedToTheScreen Yeah, @freemo expressed a similar sentiment. You're probably right, this is less of an issue than I thought. The fact that it's a fairly unobtrusive value proposition instead of a "GIVE US YOUR LOCATION" popup certainly helps.

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