Just so we’re on the same page, the hardware updates rumored for the event expected next month include:

- new MacBook
- new iPads
- new iPhone, obviously
- new Watch (up to six new models)
- new Mac mini
- new partridge in a pear tree

That is a... likely unrealistic amount of new stuff. I think it might be worth tempering your expectations.

@pantse_macabre @chartier They warned us they might! When it was discontinued in 2002 Apple said in its press release statement that there was a small chance it will reintroduce an upgraded version of the Cube at some later date but said it had "no plans" to do so at the time.

@chartier I think the rumors expect all the new products by the end of the year, not all at the next event. Apple just doesn't mix it all together. Note how they always wait 3-4 weeks after iPhone event to show off new hardware, so as not to step on buzz. Same for released announced during WWDC.

If Mac Mini is destined for pros/server farms, no need to announce it during iPhone event.

For Xmas sales they don't need to announce a lot of things yet.

@chartier I’m doubtful on the Mac hardware at the Sept event.

@chartier my guess for the Apple Watch is two sizes, one CDMA, one GSM, one wi-fi only. That covers all six.

I think Macs could be separate event, particularly if there’s a new “pro-oriented” Mac Mini.

The partridge in a pear tree is unlike, more likely an Apple tree than a pear tree.

@chartier I wouldn't think that the new macs are expected in September, I thought they were expected in October...

@chartier What order of likelihood do you got? I assume phone is 1 and watch is 2. iPad 3? Then?

@Berserkhippo Phone, iPad, Watch. Maybe MacBook too, but could be a separate thing, perhaps even unceremonious.

@chartier maybe we’ll get another October event this year. I know they try to avoid it, but there’s just too much for one event. (Although that’s what I said last year, too.)

@chartier Though I agree, and I wish they did launch all these, I do have my hopes for new MacBooks. May be they break it in two events (another in Oct - an iPad event)?

@chartier of history taught us anything, it’s that a new Mac Mini is very unlikely. Also so don’t remember the last time new iPads were introduced together with the new iPhone. I think they stopped doing that a while ago.

@chartier If there aren’t new iPad Pros, I’m going to openly sob. I took a gamble and sold my 10.5 the other day to fund the new model. I reverse-Tesla’d the new iPads.

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