Did my part for .

I’ve been on Twitter since before the iPhone existed. But like many of us, I’m sick of all the stuff you’ve heard plenty about, and it’s only been getting worse over the past decade.

I’m not quite ready to delete my entire account, but I’m considering it. I deleted the apps from all devices and posted a ‘find me elsewhere’ with links.

It’s a step at least.

@chartier Good thoughts… I still like the science community I have on Twitter, but _most_ of my use could be replaced by RSS again (link blogs, politics, etc.).

Much of my timeline is slightly reactionary political stuff that makes me anxious about the world… need to find a more balanced source for that info.

The gross "exercise here" ad I received this morning was just the icing on this crap sundae.

@chartier Hilariously, I deactivated my account without realising it was a special deactiday. I’m so ahead of the pack. Or behind. Not sure yet.

@chartier I deactivated but it gives you 30 days before it deletes it. I will most likely reactivate within a few days, at least for work stuff and to keep following certain things that aren't here (yet).

@danvpeterson @chartier I know for verified accounts it takes about a full year.

@chartier used to folow you, back in the day, on the birdsite. Great to see you here in the universe of the free!

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