Hey new mastodon.social users! A few suggestions for better homes: 

- Are you a leftist? anticapitalist.party
- Love gameing, but hate GG? elekk.xyz
- Into technology? mastodon.technology
- Generalistic, but want a less noisy public timeline? octodon.social
- Cyberpunk? cybre.space
- Artist? mastodon.art
- Photographer? photog.social
- Mathematician? mathstodon.xyz

Feel free to tell me your interests for more suggestions!

@trwnh This is one aspect of Mastodon I haven’t fully wrapped my head around yet. If I’m a fan of one or more of those things, what difference does it make which instance I’m on? Can I still follow related hashtags and people who use them?

@chartier Sure! Joining a specific instance can mean joining a specific community. If you want your local and federated timelines to be "flavored", so to speak, you can join those servers to cut out the "noise" of other/unrelated things. Your network includes your neighbors, who they follow, and everyone they talk to.

You can stay on a big instance, but your timelines will also be more crowded and less specific. You might find some hashtag usage by people who haven't been followed, though.

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