Hi everyone, I'm David. I help indie Apple developers with content and communication. I'm also a MacLife columnist, freelance writer, and aspiring tech coach.

I'm a big fan of , , , my wife, my dog, discussing , , a few , and helping other people with tech.

I'm also glad you're here.

@chartier What are some of your favorite bourbons? I love whiskey.

@gregminton Sipping: Woodford Reserve (regular and their premium Double Oaked), Blanton's, and Basil Hayden.

For mixing, I like Bulleit (bourbon, not Rye) and Maker's Mark.

@chartier Ahh. Good choices (although I’m not a huge fan of Maker’s; too much corn in the mashbill for my taste).

Ever had Four Roses Single Barrel? It’s my go-to “special occasion” bourbon, especially when hosting friends. It’s like $40-50 a bottle, but worth every penny.

@gregminton The single barrel I have not. I’ll keep an eye out at the bars, we’ve been meaning to find more whiskey bars in Chicago.

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