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Hi everyone, I'm David. I help indie Apple developers with content and communication. I'm also a MacLife columnist, freelance writer, and aspiring tech coach.

I'm a big fan of , , , my wife, my dog, discussing , , a few , and helping other people with tech.

I'm also glad you're here.

First beta of iOS 12.1 includes support for Face ID in landscape!

This feels like a solid hint new iPads with Face ID are coming. Nom nom nom.

I hereby decree that the Ghost in the Shell TV series must have a third season with all returning voice actors.

Let’s make this happen.

Thank you all for your time.

@chartier I’m running a 6 plus and the improvements are noticeable. However, what no one seems to have mentioned is that Siri, which was taking 10+ seconds to respond previously, is almost instantaneous now. It’s quite remarkable how much better this is.

Mural in , in an alleyway just south of Armitage on Western.

Ok everyone, it’s time.

The Finer Things in Tech newsletter returns this Friday with a heavy dose of quick, useful iOS 12 tips and great links to read. Next week it’ll be macOS for the release of Mojave. Subscribe for free:

And consider supporting my work with it and the website (, with more Patreon tiers to come:

Announcing the first episode of a new podcast about the fediverse - FediverseCast! The show will feature conversations with cool fediverse makers and community members, hosted by @kevinflo

HUGE thanks to my first guest @eliotberriot creator of @funkwhale (Funkwhale)


Sounds like Apple made good on its word and iOS 12 is actually faster on older devices like the iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2.


New bird site bio. Not ready to delete, but barely spending any time there anymore.

I've just released Mastodon De-Mob, an anti-harassment tool that lets users to block everyone who favorited or boosted a toot calling for harassment. mastodon-de-mob.codesections.c

Please feel free to test it out with the example URL I provided; that will only block a test account I set up for this purpose. Hopefully, you won't ever need it for real.

It also reports the harassing toot, which I hope will prevent the tool's abuse for non-harassing toots.


"1Password’s new AutoFill extension provides the most powerful and convenient login flow I’ve ever seen on iOS"

We worked hard on this and it's great to see people digging it.

I think it's also worth noting that Apple made a big deal on stage—at its shiny new event for a shiny new OS—that it spent time on performance improvements specifically for older devices, all the way back to the 5S.

I *think* that's unprecedented for an Apple event. The beta was pretty darn solid too, so I'm optimistic.

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