Spent a lot of time yesterday going deep on film simulation settings for my Fujifilm X-T2. One thing I really wish is I could apply a curve in-camera to the rendered JPEGs.

1,500 screenshots of Mac OS X/macOS since 2000 including the centered Apple menu bar logo of Mac OS X Beta fame.


Code overrides in Framer X. Super amped to dig in and start making some real prototypes.


Mastodon doesn't really solve for 1 or 2, but by nature right now it solves 3. I can imagine most of Mastodon is likely to be early adopter types who have found fault in Twitter in some way and are looking for an outlet that suits their needs. That unifying sense of community goes a long way. Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

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3. Audience

Twitter's audience is much larger and more diverse than it was in 2008. The chances of someone being exposed to a tweet they find disagreeable is enhanced by retweets and 'liked' tweets. Those functions increase the odds that arguments between strangers will occur with very little context.

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2. Notifications & ranking

Further incentivizing people to create 'popular' tweets rather than natural updates is the notifications and ranking system. Being alerted to tweets that receive more attention lets those tweets receive even more attention creating a wider gap between a 'successful tweet' and a 'bad tweet'. Before attention was so important to tweets, it was harder to judge what tweets were as worthwhile. It was less of a game and more of a standard conversational communication.

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1. Retweets in the interface

People were always RTing, but the ability to retweet with an interface button increased the virality of certain tweets. In combination with 'likes', specific tweets have more value than others. The user is now incentivized to create successful tweets rather than just tweets. When you look back at a 2008 timeline, you can see people weren't trying to game the system in the same way. The language and topics were more natural and less optimized for attention.

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I think there are few issues make 2018 Twitter not feel like 2008 Twitter:

Playing with my new F2 50mm Fuji lens tonight and having such a good time. I forgot how much fun a fast lens is. Love the length as well. Something like a 75mm full frame equivalent. I got nervous right after I ordered it because I thought it might be too tele, but in practice it's just perfect for the way I shoot. That being said, I can see a 35mm F2 being a great companion lens.

Excited about the opportunity to participate in a sub-culture again.


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