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It was cold and humid as balls here today. I made up about four dozen tamales, because that's what I do these days for iterative self-improvement. Hot goddamn tamales.

They're the best I've made in the dozen or so years I've been making them.

In non-tamale news, today is fucking me up and so I'll retreat into fan translated SNES rpgs and other oddities. There's so many, and they're so good, and I vaguely remember them from magazines and never seeing the light of day because words.

got out of blade runner 2049, and still savouring.

do mandroids day-dream of electric birds & bees and other ambiguities.

like the original in many ways, the character actors steal their small scenes frequently.

good use of meta-text Pale Fire, musical refrain & laziest champagne brunch salon drone strike.

Ah, Stardew Valley hitting the Switch this week. I'm going to need it after this fucking week.

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Most sports seem to be the reconciliation of knowing you're better off finding a tribe of your own among the opposition, than your own team mates.

Internal strife, drama, prestige and pack dynamics all at play on them fields.

Your mileage may vary.

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I always wanted to share in cool experiences, not delight in triumph over another. Because we often see that the victor tends to gloat and misrepresent a victory. They won, even if you let them win. They earned that moment and deserve it, even if it's strangely hollow.

I remember academic victories, and how different they felt. The success being shared and passed among the coaches, not so different.

The rides coming & going, the silences and what they all meant

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I have thoughts on things, and they all hurt. I am privileged, white and male, and I've no doubt abused that.

I played sports, as a token to my father. I never played hard, nor much cared to. Competition was never thing so much as collaboration. Jamming out, making something cool, being decent, and not a dick.

Stage 1. Oh, shit. Neo Yokio is up, aka New Yorker : teh anime
Stage 2. See mini-toblerone addendum.
Stage 3. Can't stop, send halp.

But yeah, this and Bear Stearns Bravo should go make beautiful babies. Insufferable high-larious pretension.

Playing through Dishonored : Death of the Outsider, I keep finding myself flipping between the earlier titles, as well. I'm currently on mission two of D:DotO, Six of D2, and a fresh start on the Daud DLC.

I played the crud out of Dishonored and its DLC back in the 360/PC days, and got it for free with the pre-order of part 2.

Arkane really does engineer and facilitate playstyles through its titles like no one else.

Thief 1/2 had that lovely sound engine that made moving incrementally rad.

twin peaks 

@nydel I think the closest thing I called him in my head was Black Eyed Coop.

First batch of tamales are out of the steamer. Mm.

Game playing this week: At the end of world 2 in Mario + Rabbids, and finished off a bunch of the world 1 bonus stuff, too. That game is pretty amazing, y'all.

On the turn based strategy tangent, XCOM2 : War of the Chosen is super great, too. I'm guessing the new surprises will last several very long playthroughs. Including a meme-maker aka photobooth was a great idear.

Hurts losing Twin Peaks, but it lasted all summer long.

Pretty day.

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after a fairly long break from anything save splatoon2, family, travels and reads...

I am up to the end of October in Persona 5 and the stage seems to be getting set for the end game, though, I'm still unspoiled as to the last few months...

Taking my time in the first Majima chapter of Yakuza 0. Side stories, street brawls, and thuglyfe.

Forgot I put my bonus amazon gift bucks towards Kiwami & Mario + Rabbids, and got a notification that's out for delivery.

The backlog, it hurts.

eventful couple of weeks, family 

mom visiting for five (now six, because of harvey) weeks. eclipse festival burn/fest/trip with sis and her crew was pretty dang fun if exhausting and stressful, except when it wasn't.

since return, did some touristing about with mom, shopping, and general household upkeep.

two days before our trip, grandma went on off a fairly costly monetary and emotionally unannounced 'adventure' that resulted in frantic searching, phone calling, and a late hospital exit.


made up a bunch of naan flatbread for an Oregon eclipse trip. house smells pretty darn good right now. did both a plain yogurt naan topped with butter, and naan topped with garlic/yogurt/butter/green onion. this was a small leftover for trying, and it was pretty groovy.

@marcelle I stopped to wait to replay it on the Switch. Seems ideally suited for that, plus the new summer update.

There's something about the combination of condemned house coupled with ghostly graffiti that I just love.
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