holiday party masochism 

Last night, I couldn't sleep with anxiety. Stayed up till around 4 am playing Fire Emblem Fates in a grip.

Go with Grandma to a luncheon drink/food thing with her extended senior group. I steam a dozen tamales, make queso, pick out a white wine gift.

I make it half an hour before I'm outside watching the river, avoiding the quite elderly talk about their love of Fox News & Trump. Their hate of anything not white and/or male, basically. Fuck their noise. Back to FE:FATES

Birthday Schwag Diary 

Sis got me a sous vide with a vacuum bag kit. So far, I've made:

Ribeye at 130 for three hours, seasoned and bagged with garlic cloves, white onion, yellow pepper, asparagus tips.

Rip-off Starbucks egg bites, in quiche mini-dishes, bottomed with bacon, green pepper, gouda cheese at 172 for an hour.

Good Eats carnitas. Pork loin seasoned and bagged with two halved tangerines, white and red onion, and garlic cloves. 165 for 18 hours.

Bonus: Fire Emblem Fates + Shadows. I'm really enjoying Prey, but I'm only half a dozen or so hours in, and taking my sweet time. Immersive sim with choice of gender and play your own way ala System Shock/Bioshock/Deus Ex. Fun alternate future with a depth of world building. I think it's going for twenty on sale. I am expecting a similar mechanical masheen, though with a black backing in the post, post haste.

@aparrish It comes out in a few days and I'm strangely hyped for it. I was the sibling who hated fishing, and I live in a coastal fishing hub. I'm becoming what I hate. * I liked FFXV

played a bunch of splatfest on the birthday, way too late last night.

working on a project or two today, with lots of coffee for stimuli.

re-didding the bedroom. bed against a whole nother wall, and the perspective change is a welcome one.

Making my way through Threed in Earthbound again. I find myself enjoying the grind and weird item experimentation.

Just started up year two on Stardew Valley Switch. Between that and Mario Odyssey, the joy-cons are finally starting to live up to their name.

I caught a weekend matinee of Thor : Ragnarok, which worked just fine.

Current reads: Book 5 Redwood of The Familiar and Final Dossier : Twin Peaks.

Got mine birthday thirty-nine coming up shortly, and don't even want to think on it.

Bird references abound: reading The Sparrow and drinking Famous Grouse.

Maybe I'll dream of birds when I turn in shortly, instead of weird shit like the other night when I dreamed someone died and came back as a podcast. ResetEra, is almost up, and contains most of the mods and OT contributors, and will probably be more what you're looking for.


@bruno I lurked and was online buddies with some folk. The next iteration is sounding good.


@bruno ResetEra is coming very soon. Most of the mods, OT contributors.

More Earthbound thoughts. I played Mother 3 when the fan translation hit on a trip to Disneyworld as an adult. It was just after the crash and things were weird all over. Sort of dreaming about a Mother 4 on the Switch, as unlikely as that may seem.

Really enjoying my replay of Earthbound. Just rescued Paula. Having 25 years of distance between playthroughs makes me want to explore, experiment with all the weird items and characters, and get lost in the oddities and enjoy the tunes. Legal weed may or may not add to the experience.

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