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Getting ready to podcast with @chaeseco for the polymaticast

hola what's going on for you this weekend?

evening I haven't been here in a while. what did I miss? did someone eat my lunch out of the fridge? oh know... who ate all the pudding pops!

Happy 4th of something! (to non-US folk).

Happy 4th of July! (to US folk); we're 241 years old as a nation. I know we're still kiddos'.

I don't know if this masto instance has slowed down or I have sufficiently muted most of the timeline noise makers.

I've been sitting here most of the afternoon coding a bit, drinking cold brew coffee that I made earlier and listening to music.

getting stuff done on my free time is great. I wish I had more weekends like this; where my time was my own and not reserved for others.

Alexa: What weather do zombies like? Cloudy with a chance of brain.

Alexa: What did one ocean day to the other? Nothing, they just waved. :: (Show #625) BLAME!

This week we watched an sci-fi anime movie on Netflix, called BLAME!. Join us, for another week, another show, with more otaku-tainment!

Also (Don't Forget Matt Pyson is still Awesome; even 11 years later!)

NOTE: the show releases at midnight eastern time; Wednesday morning.

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In two weeks I'll be like, skyping a conference hall. I don't know what to expect

hola what's up? anything exciting for you this upcoming weekend?

Alexa: What do you call a potato wearing glasses? A spec-tater.

Evening and how are you doing? Respond with your first thought​!

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I've decided that I'm never going to get back to my original weight and I'm OK with that. After all, 7 lbs 0 oz. isn't a realistic expectation.

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"I" before "e" except after "Old MacDonald had a farm".

*pokes* @aemarc just to make sure she's still alive.