My friend @prokoudine has a new post up on Libre Graphics World on the state of mastering Inkscape and learning tools that is well worth your time to check out!

Also, don't forget to help support his efforts through his patreon! (

#FOSS #vector #art #FreeSoftware #libre #artiwthopensource

The Electronic Frontier Alliance is a grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States working to educate our neighbors about the importance of digital rights. source:

Endless OS is a Linux-based operating system which provides a simplified and streamlined user experience. Simple as a smartphone: "the operating system that comes with everything your family needs." --> #Linux #EndlessOS #Debian #desktop #mobile #simple #streamlined

I often rant about terrible software because I care about quality, but I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GOOD NEXTCLOUD IS! I just upgraded it with a couple of clicks. It took a minute. GOOD JOB @Nextclouders! #nextcloud

Me and the youngest 4 years ago when we still lived in DC. So, this is what I looked like when all of my hair wasn't gray (grey?) :-)

@mhall119 Just checked it out. Very cool! I may create a team (not sure what subject yet) for here in the St. Louis metro area.

Hey Mastodons, I hear you like open source and federation, so I'd like to tell you about an open source, federated(*) event planning service similar to Meetup

It's free to use, and while it's still very early development it is live! Try it yourself, share it with your friends, start a team ahd have a Get Together!

* Federation is simple and minimal, any help would be most welcomed. Source code is at

Great post from @Nextclouders on how they're protecting themselves against #patenttrolls #nextcloud

After receiving my new System76 Galago Pro a week or so back, I decided to try some of my favorite Linux distros on the machine. It shipped with PopOS, which ran splendidly. Tried Ubuntu Mate, which ran great, as well. Next up, Fedora 27 Cinnamon. So far, so good. I love this laptop!

Anyone own a System76 Galago Pro and running Ubuntu Mate on it? PopOS is running great on this laptop but I'll admit that I'm missing Ubuntu Mate. Just wanted to see how it's running on this laptop.

Anyone know if there is a way to move a mastodon account from instance to another? I'm using but it's down quite often. Maybe too many users on this instance?

@mairin Here is St. Louis, no snow. Just negative temps. I'm really over this. Blah. Thanks! Yeah, I'm loving this laptop. Weighs, at least, half what my ThinkPad T400 weighs and the speed? There's really no comparison. PopOS is running awesome. I will admit, though, that I miss running Ubuntu Mate. As much as I like PopOS, I may move back to Ubuntu Mate. Mainly because of familiarity.

Received my System76 Galago Pro, today. I'm beyond excited! Believe it or not, in my 50 years on this planet, 23 years of that using Linux and Unix before that, I've never owned a new laptop. I can now retire my 10 year old ThinkPad T400. A great piece of hardware in its own right.

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