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Finally an .
I work on PyPy and related language implementations / JIT compilers, mostly for dynamic languages (, , , and was involved in a number of others). I'm interested in and topics in general.

I'm also interested in in public places, , . I read a lot of novels (mostly sci-fi right now). I love long walks.

I'm the primary caregiver of a 20 month old very sweet kid 😊

What mathematicians think the latin alphabet looks like:

"a, b, c, d, e, ...f?, g?? some other stuff. oh and s, t is in there somewhere. and it's all rounded out with the familiar x, y, z, w"

discovering the same properties that make colemak useful on real keyboard make it completely useless for swipe typing

And I'm done (or at least I am stopping): Short essay on porting the Fortran code of Jürgen LIT Fischer's 1987 art piece "Dreiklang" to Javascript, and then playing around with it:

Done in glitch which was really fun.
Amusingly enough, this is probably the first piece of JS I wrote that's more than three lines long 😅

Evelyn Berezin, 93, Dies; Built the First True Word Processor
'...Evelyn Berezin, a computer pioneer who emancipated many a frazzled secretary from the shackles of the typewriter nearly a half-century ago by building and marketing the first computerized word processor, died on Saturday in Manhattan. She was 93.

[....] “Without Ms. Berezin,” he added enthusiastically, “there would be no Bill Gates, no Steve Jobs, no internet, no word processors, no spreadsheets; nothing that remotely connects business with the 21st century.”...'

I don't really know html, css or Javascript properly, but still having fun playing around with in the last few days.

Cool, 'bead' is a cognate with German 'beten' (to pray). Therefore 'prayer beads' is quite redundant 😜

question for everyone: what's the most frightening thing you've ever found on arXiv? bonus points: what's the most frightening thing you've seen actually make it into a journal?

I had no idea what happened to the old Python JIT I used to use, "Psyco", and now I know it turned into today's PyPy

It's not too late to choose one of these AI-generated costumes. Toaster Boy? Vampire Chick Shark?

This is my first NYT op-ed and I am so excited.

That you're celebrating 90 years since your first motion picture debut means you're well past your public domain bedtime you fucking rat.

But because your handlers can't stand the thought of giving you up to the rest of the world means we'll probably have to suffer another 90 years without anything going into the public domain, least of all the stuff that you stole from it.

Fuck you, Mickey. Fuck you.

i'm always annoyed when people are impressed by technology. I want to run up to them and shake them by the shoulders like in a cartoon, screaming "THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION"

"Ozymandias" is often read as a warning on the hubris of desiring immortality but it should be read as being about how good Ozy's workers were at making durable pedestals

i still like

it might be fun to do another Let’s Play. the port has evolved since the last one.

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