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There's been lots of tech layoffs recently. Can we get a thread going of folks looking for work and companies hiring?

Retoot for reach ☺️

@celeste i’ve heard that Pica8 is hiring, or soon to be hiring, very rapidly. mostly backend most likely

@celeste maybe there's a federated related forum on a Lemmy instance. must check


Good call.

I work for Civica and we are hiring (UK, India, US)

Glassdoor (real people reviews) :

We try hard at diversity and neurodiversity and accessibility, and I think we're doing pretty well.

I would certanly endorse working here.

anaconda is hiring! :)
dont hesitate to reach out if anything sparks your interest

@ColeOnRails @celeste huhh sorry the joke went right over my head
(I don't have a bun and I work there? 😅)

@celeste between the top 10 tech companies. They have let go nearly 50,000 people just in the last few months

@celeste DBT Labs has tons of open positions for Senior Software Engineer. Would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested.

@celeste Classy (fundraising SaaS) is hiring a senior SWE, test engineer, and VP product!

@celeste as always, Symas is looking to cultivate new LDAP talent. If you're interested in learning the is and outs of X.500, X.509, and programming in C, drop us a line. We're happy to train entry level, as well as taking on seasoned veterans.

@celeste I'm looking at a real possibility of needing to LFW soon. I survived a large reduction, but there are signs I should not ignore. With the market flooding with so many ex-FAANG types, however, I worry that I may need to start over at entry level in another related discipline. It just seems that web developers are a commodity, so the prospect of trying to stand out at senior level looks grim. Does anyone have advice on switching from web dev to infosec?

@celeste Hey, #1Password is looking for software engineering managers, directors, and VPs. We’ve been fully distributed for the last 17 years (not just since the pandemic) and we’ve been profitable ever since we started. Come help us work on #passkeys, #security, #cryptography, and #UX. Send me a DM; happy to chat

@michaelabon Who to talk to about open PM roles? I know a very good senior PM looking.

@PavelASamsonov I will let you know tomorrow who at 1Password could talk about open PM roles! I would love to work with more very good PMs!!

@PavelASamsonov Yes! Apologies for the delay. We've got 3 open spots for a Senior Product Manager at 1Password currently.

1) Product-led Growth. This is an exciting organization that's looking to dramatically expand what 1Password is known for. Some really clever ideas are coming from there.

2) Developer Tools, focused on helping our developer-customers to better integrate their software with 1Password. That could be their own infrastructure, their command-line applications, or something else


At 1Password, we're also looking for:

3) Sr. Product Manager, Integrations. Our enterprise customers have been feverishly asking us to build out SSO. At Black Hat USA, it was the #1 question I heard. You'd be the Sr PM for that particular team. It's a really big endeavour (and a really hard technical problem that we've had to solve) so it's high-profile stuff.

@PavelASamsonov It would be best for you to apply through the links directly. Referrals at 1Password are more of the "I've worked with this person" variety.

That said, I'm happy to chat about what it's like to work at 1Password (without sugar coating anything) or what my experience working with Product Managers has been in my Staff Software Engineer role, or anything else!

@celeste UC Santa Cruz CS Department is hiring for 3 tenure track positions in storage and DBs, and for 2 positions as teaching professors. We are also hiring lecturers. See (and scroll to Computer Science and Engineering).

@celeste great idea, have shared your post. Would like to gently point out the expression is not retoot but boost. Ta!

@celeste I’m def on the side of #LookingForWork. #FullStack, #javascript #typescript. 10 years exp. with companies from <15 to >1000, buillding dev tools, ui libraries, customer facing dashboards, ci/validation systems.

Website is in my profile :)

@celeste Canonical is hiring around the world. Fully remote positions. Check them out here:

If anyone wants to apply, please reach out! (I'll get a bonus for referrals :D)

#GetFediHired #OpenSource #OpenSourceJobs

@celeste SkedGo is looking for a lead Android developer to advance the TripGo app and mobility-as-a-service platform - working remotely from AU or NZ:



I have some UK-based #Python and #Golang roles I am #hiring for, feel free to email

@celeste @flydotio! Across a bunch of different fun things! All you have to do is emails us.

@celeste For folks interested and experienced in compilers/LLVM, web browser development, graphics dev, multimedia/codecs, or kernel dev, you might be interested in Igalia (

@celeste Great idea! For those looking, please consider #highered IT. The opportunity to interact with students and cool faculty research projects makes the environment interesting and fulfilling. We're hiring at Michigan State University:

#IT #jobs #cybersecurity

@celeste A bunch of amazing Minnesota based companies hiring in tech (locally and remote):

@celeste We’re currently looking for a digital product designer at @VillageOneCoop! Work in a cooperative, all-remote, async comms, worldwide employment, 4 day work week, 6+ weeks of PTO, small team, nice clients + purposeful projects, calm environment, no bosses, lots of flexibility and trust, democratic workplace, transparent salaries!

#coop #cooperative #remotework #design

@celeste The market has definitely slowed, but we have a few jobs available at Netlify. Can vouch it is an amazing place to work with great culture.

@celeste We're hiring at Voltus for a frontend eng and eng manager. We are a climate tech company that helps balance the grid by getting customers to use less energy during times of need. We're entirely remote, though mostly US and UK based.

Happy to chat more about what Voltus does if anyone is interested.

@celeste We here at 11:11 Systems are hiring for a bunch of roles, but I’d like to point out the ones in product management and architecture as that’s my team. If you are interested in anything here and have questions please feel free to reach out #hiring

@celeste we’re hiring a #DesignSystems Manager for my client team. Open to anyone based in London, Berlin or Lisbon. Happy to chat to anyone who’s interested in the role 😊

It currently says no longer accepting applications, but that’s an error. Get in touch with me if you’re keen:

Check out this job at Springer Nature Group:

@celeste we've been collecting vacancies posted to the fediverse over at might help to fill this thread ;)

When posters use /#vacancy it'll get added to this job search too.


Canonical has many open positions as software engineers, managers, web developers, DevOps, support engineer and many more.

I am no recruiter, just a happy employee.

I am happy to answer general questions about working here, though I cannot answer specific questions about open positions...


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