New title for the chuck tingle inspired memoir I will never write: feckless fucking forces me into facedown reformation after fifteen years.

What if this place was just a platform for talking to people? What if we didn't compete for social space? What if there was actually respect for the ideas of others regardless of their social standing?

I see that possibility here. Please don't screw it up.

Everyone - boosting on Masto is even more important than RTing on birdsite because some people will otherwise NEVER run into each other because they're on different instances! Make sure to boost anyone you think is cool!

Today, I realized what my work will be for my remaining cognizant years: 'normalizing' early-onset dementia. Documenting the changes and not shutting up about it. Just getting the word out. As a young, white, fairly attractive femme, I have some privilege that I can use for good. Statistically, people are more likely to emphasize with my demographic than any other except children. Time to use that. Anyone in DC have video equipment and editing skills? Videos are the way to go for this.

I've highly valued words and speaking out for all of my life. I only recently started feeling comfortable using my words in a public manner. To be diagnosed with early-onset dementia shortly thereafter becoming comfortable with my words -- the irony burns.

As a kid, I was hushed when I spoke up to point out wrongs; I was raised to take it. That silencing has only made me more persistent.

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