Can I be honest? One of the reasons I joined #mastodon is because, as a "new" platform, I feel that I have a better chance to be heard.

As you know, I am dealing with #infertility. It is hard, it's changing your life and impact your well-being, both mentally, emotionally and physically. And too many couples have to deal with this alone.

We need a community to help people to better understand what it is, increase the funds in R&D and make those expensive infertility treatments available and accessible.

If you believe that everyone deserves a chance to be a #mom or a #dad, please share this message.

Thank you all for your help, together, we will make a difference! #fertilitycommunity

#IUI #IVF #PCOS #miscarriage

Hubby is not into hiking along trails, and he made me climb this with him in search of a geocache--we didn't find it 😒

After using W10M for a full day, I guess it is acceptable to me. I like how some of the apps were laid out on 8.1 better. The only thing that made switching worth it is that I could get FB messenger to work again. Womp womp. Such is the life of a dying OS!

Currently upgrading my Lumia 830 to Windows 10 mobile from 8.1. This is my only phone, so it's a bit unnerving!

I just don't seem to have the followbot problem so many are complaining of. Like in my real life, I'm just not that popular, I guess.

Hi, world! What's your preferred song to get rid of the pesky one stuck in your head?

My pick: Nine Inch Nails-Piggy

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