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@mhall119 @snwh If one of us start singing "America" now we got a proper dance off.
Me: "Creating UI with Qt is soo nice"
You: "Enforcing C++ makes you think twice"

@snwh no, it'll just die a slow, painful death when development stagnates and people lose interest. Exactly like G+ (and Diaspora and StatusNet and and and). Let's just hope it's farther out. 😉 @mhall119 hrm, logged in last night fine and am using it right now. Perhaps there were server issues?

C'mon "boosted" should really be "retooted". 😁 @danrabbit how'd you do it? I would be interested if it could only post non-replies.

Being able to OAuth with other services (and link back to them from Mastodon) could go a long way to verifiability without having to have a centralized concept "Verified". I.e. if I link my Twitter, GitHub, and Google accounts, you can be pretty dang sure it's actually me writing here.

@mcread no no Mastodon, don't listen to them! You're great just like you are. Maybe tone down the animations, though...

Mastodon: thoughts on this "verification" BS? Why do? ✅

@danrabbit *clicks star icon* *watches it spin entirely too much* *shrugs*

@birry yeah it was less of an actually-annoy-people thing and more of a hm-I-wonder-if-it'll-let-me-do-it kind of thing. :)

@ryanleesipes wait IRC in your email client?! Get out. :stuck_out_tongue:

@cassidyjames rather, that would do a lot to convince me. As it stands, it's simply “Open Source old school Twitter” and I don't know if that's enough.

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