Sportsfriends came out a while ago but I just heard of it. Looks like a great party game!

I love that moment when you’ve iterated on a design enough times that you really start to peel away all the decoration you added initially because of the insecurity of not having understood the actual problem you were trying to solve. Design is not so much about solving problems as it is about allowing yourself to understand the true nature of the problem you’re trying to solve. Design fails so often not because we cannot solve a problem but because we’re not solving the problem we think we are.

LPT: Don't call something you're working on "revolutionary". If it really is, someone else will notice

I am a Terminal god.

At least that's how I feel after using super basic things like cat and sed and piping output and the like

You are not the product. A reminder from our founder about our stance on advertising and tracking:

Hey Designers, wanna get involved with elementary OS? Check out the new Design section on our Get Involved page

Several great responses to my first AppCenter Spotlight piece. Enterprising developers, there are some great apps that people are yearning for, and with @elementary AppCenter, you can distribute straight to their desktop and get paid. ;)

In our latest blog post, @cassidyjames highlights some of cool apps that are being published in AppCenter by our private beta testers

This is the best Zelda game on Android. 😉 But seriously, Oceanhorn has the quality + feel of a 1st party title from Nintendo, which is some of the highest praise I can give.

It also works perfectly with an 8bitdo NES30 Pro Bluetooth controller and mount, which makes for an awesome portable game system.

@sil it's almost like how you use something is as important as what it can do :p

Gotta remember that for every loud person that complains and talks shit there's 100 quiet people who love you

Lazy web, specifically Linux folks:

Is there a standard or conventional method for OEMs to specify system/manufacturer data of the device itself? I.e. listing: manufacturer, model, support URL, and a logo?

I am interested in inplementing​ this in elementary​ OS, but don't want to invent some new thing if one already exists.

Lots of exciting things happening in the GNOME project right now. Join us in Manchester to discuss and participate! #GUADEC2017

@mhall119 @snwh If one of us start singing "America" now we got a proper dance off.
Me: "Creating UI with Qt is soo nice"
You: "Enforcing C++ makes you think twice"

C'mon "boosted" should really be "retooted". 😁

Being able to OAuth with other services (and link back to them from Mastodon) could go a long way to verifiability without having to have a centralized concept "Verified". I.e. if I link my Twitter, GitHub, and Google accounts, you can be pretty dang sure it's actually me writing here.

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