((the idea was just that it'd be an instance for pasting texts without context, which is just how I use twitter now))

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oh oh oh i have such a mastodon instance idea should i do it

Wondering if it'd be anti-social to exist on my own instance?

Wondering if I'll ever develop my thoughts on what an instance is without participating in running one? (Or just how civics will develop here, if the admin is still pretty centralized?)

Seeing lots of lone mods with patreons, "just a guy, running a sever!" wondering if anybody is taking a shared/community-oriented approach to governance and forming/running/developing the culture of instances yet?

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Confused about how to tell generic instances apart (mastodon.social vs. mastodon.cloud vs. mastodon.xyz) besides cross-reading descriptions that borrow from each other but don't necessarily have a common point of view or approach. So much is. unstated right now!

Wondering about some kind of rubric emerging, like: tosdr.org

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Confused by the strong presence, but total vagueness of rules here, still. Codes on conduct forming here-and-there on the fly.

Confused by how easy it is to miss seeing the rules of your own instance, with the About This Instance page being buried behind a tiny link. (Those instance descriptions should probably be front and center?)

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Interested in visual themes, here!

(The Tweetdeck ripoff makes me feel nothing in the way that Medium clones make me wonder, why was this worth stealing?)

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that colorful japanese instance, and I LOL'd at that hacker-themed instance too.

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Interested in modding, here. Harsh but loving "<3" deletions of toots and accounts which break "the social contract" on oulipo.social !

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Interested in small rituals or trials around joining, rather than the bland frictionlessness of just hitting SIGN UP anywhere all -the-time.

The loveliness of witches.town's narrow witching/welcoming hour.

Toots from overwhelmed admins who're standing by to cautiously accept another 10,000 users while eating breakfast.

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Interested in the idea of instances formed around pre-existing groups: a school, a set of collaborators.

(But thinking about cajoling people to join a new social network, and trying to play out the longterm outcome of disorganized sysadmin work makes my head spin a little.)

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My impulse here is to record the quotidian. Remembering my first social networks, without history or layers of in-jokes – you have to start at the bottom of a Maslow's hierarchy of shared reference.

Which is to say: I like coffee.

Then again, joining Twitter back before there was any onboarding to speak of, didn't go so smoothly either.

First tweet, from 2009:

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(Have been thinking about what, if anything, goes in this text box. Or what instances I can imagine myself on.)

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I don't think there is enough of me(??) for yet another stream?

(It's much easier rn to imagine myself on oulipo.social or dolphin.town.)

So...federated social networks really make clear the need for centralized (or trusthworthy but autonomous) links between trusted and new identities...like Keybase...or Beyonce.com...


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