So... There seems to be a common misconception where people assume all of Mastodon has 180,000 users because says it's home to that number of users.

The real number is closer to 1,5 million. Those 180k are only users and there are like... 3,000 other servers?

I wonder what I should do. 🤔

Com essa onda de apagar contas no twitter, já já vão descobrir o Mastodon!

JPM Sept 12: "Bitcoin is a fraud"

JPM Oct 12: "We will take your money to buy fraud for your account"

Anyone having problem with refresh timeline? I need to hit F5 to see new toots.

Remember when Brazil stocks soared due to Temer's "ambitious reform program."

TIL: One cubic centimeter of a Neutral Star weights 100 Billion Tons! 😮

This time I'm really logged out of twitter for a week due to #woollyweek - this will be interesting. I used twitter a lot for distractions, smiling at small witty tweets to be forgotten a minute later, news, and social cohesion. Interesting to see what I'll miss first, and what I'll miss most.

I expect it will make me contact more people directly to stay in touch, which sounds like a good deal.

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