It's been nice. But I guess that's all for me now here on Mastodon.
For now.

I am betting that before April 25th Mastodon will break the 500.000 users mark.

I am beginning to think that the main characteristic based on which we will be able to choose a Mastodon instance would be performance.
Translated mainly to Speed and Uptime.

In the past few weeks I have been wondering about how much personal information I share using products and services that don't give me any value in exchange for the amount of data they're getting from me.
So I began deleting some of these apps/services.
First deleted was Untappd (uninstalled)
Right after that I've deleted my Uber account.
Then LinkedIn (deleted account).
Today was the day I stopped scrobbling to

Feeling lighter.

Watching Homeland season 6. It's been a long time for me since season 5 but it's all good nevertheless.

I just wonder: it would be great to edit a toot.

Generalistic and moderated instance.