gec'd 2 death in a kmart parking lot

swear to god gonna do that rock thing

love having a shitty body i don't want and a useless brain that doesn't work

I just realized I forgot to reinstall this app when I got a new phone what'd I miss

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hey everyone, this post was sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

i wish there was like a trial package on being a girl, ive been having a lot of Gender Thoughts for a time now but i have no idea what to do with them. i wanna "shop around" i guess to see what everything feels like for like a week but i don't think that's possible

im not sure if im just attached to it after hearing so many edits of it that I love or if wonderwall is just a genuinely good song. i think it might just be good?

*fancy butler voice* would sir like me to go sicko mode

i come for the wuggas but stay for the jiggy juggas

my expectation for being at work on adderall: im gonna get so much done

the reality of it: *sees a post on twitter that post malone is at a furry convention in texas and spends half an hour trying to figure out what his fursona is while I pace around the store*

for the last few weeks its honest to god felt like my brain has just stopped working. im actually not capable of doing anything i need to do and everything is about to fall apart. this sucks

hey gang, check out my new website there's autoplaying music so look out for that

wild to think I've been playing minecraft for almost a decade now! my first update was the nether update back in october 2010, crazy to see how far it's gone

I've changed my pronouns on here to like 10 different variations of "don't know currently" because none of them sound like im confidently unconfident enough

i could be jan if you think about it

me brushing my teeth with 3-in-1 shower gel: one of these has gotta be toothpaste right

me washing my hair with body wash because i ran out of shampoo: this is probably fine, right? this is fine i bet

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