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Looked through my closet and noticed that I bought almost the exact same pair of shoes three years ago as I'm wearing right now

Might fuck around and start a cult of personality around Cate Blanchett

sex terminology discourse 

friends... mastodontists... please... can we use sex words that aren't quite so, uh. unsexy? it's still weird to talk this much about your dicks, even if you use a word as anti-erotic as 'hog,' but this way you've sucked all the potential fun out of the experience. bring back sex slang you can actually get off to

eye contact, boostable selfie 

hey did you all know? I am very beautiful! boost my pretty ass!

me standing in the makeup aisle at CVS, so far removed from the last time I bought new makeup as to be reduced to goggling at the options and trying desperately to sort-by-price low-to-high visually like I'm a brand-new tran and I didn't start learning drag makeup in the latter half of 2012

i will post "toots are stored in the bowels" every other day, every other day until i receive the recognition i deserve

Selfie, eye contact, the evil power master 

Everyone really likes my shirt!

i'm gonna blow all your minds right now: math isn't really about numbers at all

migrated Twitter content, adoptio fratrem 

Wario and Waluigi aren't brothers, but they might be φράτερες if you know what I mean!

eye contact, boostable selfies 

@byttyrs your braids are gosh darn adorable 😊

eye contact, boostable selfies 

the braids are so CUTE though 😭

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my braids are asymmetrical and I think I'm gonna have to take them out ;_; they're givin' me neckpain

what the centrists thought would happen when you cram everyone together in a giant space with no rules delimiting what constitutes acceptable debate: friendly debate is had, a consensus is reached

what actually happened: everyone has the same circular conversations ad nauseam and nothing ever changes, because nobody has any real power and discourse alone changes nothing. also literal ass nazis make a comeback and the platform is weaponized to hurt marginalized people

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