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Mother: "Provincetown doesn't seem that gay."

*we walk by a gay leather shop called Cock and Bull with drag show flyers all over it*

Mother: "Ok. Ok."

Any weather that punishes me for dressing cute is an enemy of the people

I just want to be rich enough to be treated for exhaustion in the Swiss Alps

Boost me
and then just toot me
so I can get my satisfaction

excuse low quality but it's a SIN i never got to wear this out (boost me)

going to crawl under counsel table and pick a jury by yelling at them without seeing them brb

You ever walk to the nearest Dunkin Donuts, only to remember that you're not wearing any pants, and also it's the dead of winter and you're dying of hypothermia? Or just me

Friendly reminder that if you don't drink enough water you'll get a gout demon chewing on yer foot like this

birdposting (actual birds) 

nuthatches are one of my favourite garden birds - the only british bird that climbs down trees.

birdposting (actual birds) 

bonus - the beautiful nuthatch lives in south east asia and looks like it was designed by Hosukai

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we tested all the components individually and no problems were found 😂

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