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striped orange cat drinks lean
(source 1: furry artist tacklebox,
(source 2: unknown, GRIS tells me nothing)

hey read my friend's comic, TALES FROM THE BRINK! (but take heed of the content advisories! this is a comic about suicidality, dysphoria, parasitic infestation, demons, and an interdimensional BDSM/snuff club!) 

I've known the artist (, since they moved into my college dorm, and been a fan of Tales of the Brink almost as long- & it's FINALLY accessible online!

If interested in/comfortable w/Gross Shit, BOOST!

this is, by most metrics, an incredibly ineffective attempt to advertise to me, as I've been aware of (and... enthralled by, to be unnecessarily candid) this image for nearly EIGHT YEARS, I've never been tempted to buy a giant gummy worm, and I only just now found out there's a whole video it's from (

she wears short skirts/she wears men's boots/she might be sleepy but/she still posts the good t**ts

I don't often relate strongly to Jake English but the whole conversation he has with his brain ghost of Dirk about... how he has a brain ghost of Dirk, has always seemed eerily as if it was cribbed from my self-talk/navelgazing

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