eye contact, boostable selfie 

hey did you all know? I am very beautiful! boost my pretty ass!

eye contact, boostable selfies 

the braids are so CUTE though 😭

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"Under what conditions does a rotationally symmetric (undirected) 2D graph have >=1 rotationally symmetric Eulerian circuit?

I'm sure it's possible to generalize rotational symmetry to graphs as a whole, but I'm not the mathematician to do it, so my focus is on graphs whose nodes are plotted at specific points in a 2D space.

Attached are two rotationally symmetric graphs; one definitely has a rotationally symmetric Eulerian circuit. The other I've looked & I can't find one."

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a thing I've come to realize, as a person who's read a lot of Garfield, is that most people don't really remember Garfield. (brief mentions of beastiality) 

I saw a tumblr post suggesting Jon Arbuckle fucks Garfield bc, & I quote, "they never show a woman there"

you know the veterinarian in the strip where Jon drinks dog cum/dog fertility medicine? this lady? that's Dr. Liz, she's Jon's recurring love interest. I had to look up her name but I remember her bc she's heavily involved in the comics

the mood for F/W 2018, as the mood has been for hundreds of thousands of years, is jassive jasketball jorts

I just had... the world's most incredible day :blobaww: six hours of skyrim followed by spicy fried duck and boba tea followed by a noise show with old friends (where I bought a dope cardigan) followed by reading at an open mic (where I got a dope hat) followed by maybe the best party I've ever been to!

exhibit A is not the Radical Toad, but it's an artistic antecedent to the Radical Toad edit in Exhibit B, and He Slomber's

(that colorful vignette in the middle of the Slombrous Sphereb may be the first iteration of the motif I call the Eye of Moloch)

adulthood is realizing your body just isn't good enough at homeostasis for the thottie tomboy thing you've been going for, I guess? still think it's illegal to be cold before september

(image is a selfie with eye contact)

(image is animated gif)

a transphobe, at least once a day, EXTREMELY confidently: why should cis people want to date trans people if they won't even date each other?
trans people, who mostly date each other:

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