I put a lot of work into not openly thirsting over short men in public but y'all should know... anytime I see a handsome pop star sitting down on something that gives me scale for how short they are I'm just like :flushed:

I'd like to flatter myself that my coworker finds my interactions with him confusing, because he's short and built and bearded and attractively salt-and-pepper but he's also kind of a dumbass with terrible politics so I trade off between vibing at him and low-grade negging him

wait, is matt nathanson really six foot? I know dudes lie about their height to the media but he looks tall in all these pictures with other people?? he has SUCH short energy, he's gotta have the wEIRDEST body shape if he's actually 6'

@byttyrs Yo you know who's got some serious Short Dude Energy? Matt Bellamy. I mean he's only 5'7", but I woulda believed that he was 5'2"

@jacethechicken I'm unfamiliar with this dude but just based on his face I woulda guessed about 5'7"

@jacethechicken pitbull lists his height as 5'7" and I'm ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ he's a weird gross dad and I'm tALLER than him!!!!

@jacethechicken listen... height's weird and made up. I've been the same fraction of an inch under 5'8" since I was about 16, which made me short before transition but now makes me tall

@byttyrs See I was tall when I presented as a man, and now I present androgynous and I'm *still* just tall. I'm not even proportional -- I'm just really long. I look like you took a normal person and stretched me out.

Damnit, you got me tall-ologuing again!

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