feels like I should dump all my most alienating personal interests so ppl know not to follow me
• gnostic a(mono)theist; I consider it a matter of positive fact that no benevolent, omnipotent God exists (but no, I don't want to argue with you about it and no, I'm not an anti-theist)
• Episcopalian with Anglo-Catholic sympathies
• witch who doesn't think magic is real
• constraint-satisfaction as artistic praxis
• EXTREME systematizing/abstracting bent
• materialist tipping towards neutral monist

@byttyrs your point about religion here is exactly how I feel and I'm going to use this way of articulating it from now on is that okay

@hodot hey, absolutely, go ahead. I wish more atheists would treat their atheism as a point of personal worldview, and not as an antagonism with people who have different worldviews!

@byttyrs exactly! very much agreed. like if you try to convert me i'm not gonna be super nice but until then i wont be mean to you

@hodot also, I wish people wouldn't act like disproofs that hold for the Christian God... also hold equally for every other deity ever conceived. like I don't believe in Zeus either but you can't argue for or against his existence with reference to the existence of suffering and evil. it is NOT a trivial prospect to disprove the existence of all gods because it is nontrivial to describe all religious claims!

@byttyrs the biggest thing for me is that religion has literally never played any meaningful role in my life so I don't see it as necessary so i'm not gonna worry about it


@hodot valid as fuck! I'm comin' at it from a very different (and eccentric) point of view, haha.

@byttyrs it's very rare that I find someone in the same plane of thought. thanks for being reasonable lol

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