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New main account on! Please follow me there, this one's just an archive for now (until I can migrate these posts to the new main) @byttyrs

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feels like I should dump all my most alienating personal interests so ppl know not to follow me
• gnostic a(mono)theist; I consider it a matter of positive fact that no benevolent, omnipotent God exists (but no, I don't want to argue with you about it and no, I'm not an anti-theist)
• Episcopalian with Anglo-Catholic sympathies
• witch who doesn't think magic is real
• constraint-satisfaction as artistic praxis
• EXTREME systematizing/abstracting bent
• materialist tipping towards neutral monist

... no, opens just fine (although I COULD not open it from the URL bar????)

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as far as I can tell?? this interim laptop is The Worst, but unrelatedly, both and are like. HARD down

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I would describe the time I am having right now, trying to use an old laptop on which dad installed Puppy Linux while my laptop's power switch doesn't work, as " bad ",

hey I don't use this account! follow me on @byttyrs for current posts

New main account on! Please follow me there, this one's just an archive for now (until I can migrate these posts to the new main) @byttyrs

instance recs? 

I think I *am* gonna migrate from I already'd up on @byttyrs but hmu with instances w/:
• lots of gays and transes
• lots of fantasy fans
• lots of writers and artists
• a short, aesthetic instance URL
• a reasonably-active local timeline

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I love the concept of moving to but I have no actual reason to do so. I already have 1,700+ posts on here (wild) so if those can't come with me it doesn't seem worth it. but conceptually? bofa? lol

gobna make my self a bowl of iced cream. gonma eat some vanilla and dutchie chocolate icy cream, may be with raspberry jammed on top

I wish I could post bare booby without fear of negative consequences because these tatas are Soft and Round and everyone cool should get a chance to feel them but y'all* just have to take my word on it??

*well, most of y'all

I still say you should find a smaller instance than if you're using it

I also say you should find a smaller roleplaying persona, such as a fursona, as well


ok so, the classical proof that
root(2) involves deriving a contradiction from the assumption that root(2) is rational.

however, there is an argument to be made that there is a difference between a number being [not rational], and actually provably belonging to the class of irrational numbers, i.e. quantifiably different in some way from every rational number.


alright folks as promised, here is the proof

Not all numbers can be expressed as a ratio of integers.

Take the unit square, the square which has sides of length 1. By the Pythagorean Theorem, we know that the diagonal of this square is of length root(2). Assume that root(2) is a ratio of integers. This means that there is some nonzero number a, and some nonzero number b, such that a/b = root(2).


if youre hetero and you change the lyrics of a song youre covering to be about the opposite instead of same gender youre a cop, sorry i dont make the rules

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