Bits from the #Debian Project Leader, Jonathan Carter, at 13:00 UTC in #DebConf22 - follow the live streaming from the Drini room

I passed, with a mark of only 45% for speaking versus 89% for writing and 100%(!) for reading and listening. I knew my speaking was weak (it's my weakest English skill too) but that's a ridiculous disparity

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There was a video attached to that, but something dropped it after uploading

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Surprised my Dutch teacher by calling in to the speaking exam from a tent. That was the last exam for this course. I should find out how I did on Friday

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Yesterday, the UK government has criminalised the culture and practices of Gypsy Roma Traveller people living in this country.

All of us who are members of groups that have faced past or present attempts at government annihilation should stand together as allies. An attack on the GRT community is an attack on all of us.

A cool result from - virtually all code review tools present devs with their list of files to review in alphabetical order, so most devs review those files in alphabetical order. Turns out, this is dramatically suboptimal.

In practice, code review is significantly more effective if devs deliberately review the tests first, and most complex files next - alphabetic ordering of files turns out to be an ill-considered default that performs very poorly.

Autonomy just went quiet after the interview. Still, sounds like it was a terrible place to work.

Heard four women singing Happy birthday to Debian in harmony, which I'm sadly not permitted to publish

New kernel version in (headed for upcoming stable release 9) enables a lot of new drivers, more CPUs on some arches, and IMA. But it's not going to be signed (

Spent an hour chasing a file locking failure on NFS. Turns out lockd has a cache directory that survives restarting both client and server:
I have no idea what was wrong with the cached data, but perhaps it was related to switching kernel version back and forth on the client.

I released a new version of initramfs-tools:
This should go into 9 and I'm hoping I don't need to fix any more bugs before then.

gnupg displays user photos using xloadimage by default. Which century is this again?

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