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One thing I learned from Blackkklansman that I was surprised I didn’t know: semiconductor pioneer and early Silicon Valley founder William Shockley spent the latter half of his career pushing eugenics and his pet theories about racial intelligence.

As a native Coloradan, I can definitely tell you I never would have imagined I’d see a Spike Lee joint set in Colorado Springs.

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LOL wow no one told me Topher Grace plays David Duke in Blackkklansman. That is some genius casting.

One thing that feels refreshing about Mastodon: I had forgotten what Twitter felt like before everyone had adopted this sort of detached, condescending, ironic persona. I never thought I’d be one to argue against irony or snark, but when you’re bombarded day in and day out by people dunking each other it can start to really affect your outlook.

The second biggest factor limiting Mastodon's potential is the term "toot."

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@buzz I think was trying to be this. Ultimately the DNS is the best distributed identity system we have. We're really bad at applying it to personal identity rather than service identity though.

@buzz Mastodon is just one implementation of ActivityPub. We're getting there bit by bit.

OTOH, the decline of RSS makes me worry about the long term viability of protocols in the current climate.

Whether it’s Mastodon or something else though, I fully believe that the time for “Twitter as Protocol” has officially arrived.

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One idea that occurs to me: what if there was some kind of public key identity token you could move around and your network would follow? Basically something that says “This is where this identity lives now.”

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Adding my voice to the chorus of people saying that Mastodon is really promising, but account portability is going to be a seriously limiting factor. I’ve seen the creator analogize it to email, but with email you don’t have to worry about porting a built-up network from address to address.

In a real dank night of the soul, it is always 4:20 AM.

Worth reading on the subject (and very germane to one of my pet subjects—the gradual erosion of the boundary between private and public companies and what that implies).

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If you are surprised by the fact that Elon Musk is not an aficionado of good corporate governance...I don’t know what to tell you.

Also, it’s kind of fun and liberating to just post stuff that no one gives a shit about.

Loving how many old Twitter employees are on here.

@Gargron one of the most frequent things people are asking me about is if they can easily switch from one server to another and take their followers along. I don't know what is and isn't possible from a technical POV, but if you had a way to answer "yes" to that, I think some people's hesitation be alleviated. Needing to pick a server before you know what you're in for is tough for some people and if they knew they could correct a hypothetical mistake on that front later it would be comforting.

Fascinating that machine learning can apparently identify code authorship based on style—even with compiled code.

I’m definitely exhausted of Twitter at present. I think the strange thing about restoring Mastodon to the mix though is that it feels like it’s lowered my engagement in all of it. Set me thinking about addiction, endorphins and inert behaviour. There’s an opportunity to start over. What does it mean to do that? What’s the opportunity in doing so? Is there some realisation here of the value of ephemerality in digital space that The Teens all figured out with Snapchat?

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